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I'm Tristan

I do digital strategy, product design and general startup consultancy. How can I help?

I like to build wonderful things.

My background is mostly entrepreneurial, I have a pretty varied skill-set that you gain from the lessons and challenges of starting a few companies. I do UI, UX, sit in the middle of design and technology. Sometimes I might be doing the design myself, sometimes I might be writing the code. Sometimes I'm guiding teams that do both. I do a bit of marketing, plenty of user studies and I do my utmost to make sure everyone's happy. Because happy people are using, or making, great products.

My last start-up was recognized by SXSW and the Webbys. My early stage consultancy has included many interesting startups, from Refresh, Developer Auction (Now hired.com) and building a new from end for Mailinator in a day. Its been quite fun.

I currently live in lovely San Francisco, California and working full-time at MyVR.

Work that has kept me busy recently.


MyVR provides a website, marketing tools, payments and various over tools as a SAAS to vacation rental owners.

I took a contract at MyVR to redesign their application. They had such a great team that I never left.

Consisted Of:

Requirement Analysis Wireframing User Flows Prototyping UX Design UI Design Coding HAML / SASS / Angular.js


Refresh is a startup founded by industry veterans from Google, LinkedIn and Sun.

At Refresh I took on a short-term contract to define, design and build their first MVP deliverable, a prototype mobile application and UI to build out and test their concept.

Refresh went on to raise $10m from Redpoint Ventures, Charles River Ventures and Foundation Capital.

Consisted Of:

Requirement Analysis Wireframing User Flows Prototyping Mobile UX Design Mobile UI Design Coding HAML / SASS


Mailinator is a free disposable email address service that started in 2003. Processing thousands of emails a second its a very popular, well loved destination for many.

This was a quick, one day contract to update the Mailinator UX / design and implement a new angular.js front-end.

Consisted Of:

Graphic Design UX Design LESS HAML


Curebit provides a SaaS sales referral service to large enterprise stores and self service clients.

Curebit had a great technical proposition and an extremely extensive set of features, but a poor user-experiance that was holding them back. I took a contract to completely overhaul their entire web application.

The project represented a unique challenge to simplify what was quite a complex featureset, along with redoing the associated marketing and support site to give an all new and improved experiance.

Consisted Of:

Product Strategy Requirement Analysis Marketing Wireframing User Flows Prototyping UX Design UI Design Coding HAML / SASS


LiquidImage produces a line of WiFi enabled action cameras that compete, amongst others, with GoPro, Contour, and Sony.

This contract consisted of a stategic and competitive analysis of the action camera marketplace and the design of a mobile ( Android / IOS ) application to control and mange their cameras.

Consisted Of:

Competitive Analysis Strategic Analysis Mobile UX Design Mobile UI Design


Ambient Industries, the company that developed Flook was the last company I founded.

Flook was created as an experiment to find a better way of presenting location based data. Built as both an iPhone and web application, it was a runner-up at SXSW, an Apple Staff pick for several weeks and it won the award at MEX for user-interface as well as a nominee at the Webbys.

We raised funding for Flook on the concept, pre-production. Raising just under two million dollars, Flook gained around 100,000 users, and was active until the company was shut down in 2012.

Press Articles

Want to see some more?

This portfolio is a small section of my work, and UX focused. To see everything I've been up too, you're probably best off taking a gander at my LinkedIn profile.

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Lovely things people have said

Tristan is a master of the absolutely most important skill any product person can have. He is brilliant at understanding people, whether it's users or colleagues. He comes up with simple, elegant, and beautiful solutions to complex user experiences. And he's a great teammate who can listen, lead, mediate, and keep people moving in the right direction.

Adam Wright, Director of Marketing, Curebit

Tristan is smart, fast, and creative. He brings passion and energy to a project. I'll use his services again and again.

Bhavin Shah, CEO, Refresh

Tristan is someone that I would love to work with again, he's creative, insightful and able to get things done, making him a huge asset to the start-up tech world. He's a buy recommendation.

Laurence John, CEO, Amadeus' Seed Fund #1 & #2

Tristan is an bottomless well of new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. He's deeply intuitive and always one conceptual-leap ahead of the crowd. He's also one of the nicest people I've ever worked with.

Jeremy Burton, Independent Consultant

I have really enjoyed working with Tristan. His technical insights have proven extremely valuable on many occasions. But more importantly, Tristan has made strong contributions to team's discussions around the product's definition and positioning. I would welcome the opportunity to working with him again.

Will Dawson, Investment Manger, Amadeus Capital Partners

It's easy to write nice things about yourself, so here are a couple of recommendations I have pulled off of my LinkedIn profile from people I have recently worked with.

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Things I'm having fun with...

I'm always working on a side project. At the moment I'm playing around with the idea of allowing anyone to create a beautiful online store in ten seconds or less. Think http://about.me crossed with a incredibly elegant payment and fulfillment system. The project is currently called JSIF, and involves myself and a couple of great friends. If this interests you, be sure to drop me a line to find out more.


Advisory Roles

I'm an advisor to Distill a fantastic experiance design company based in here in the Bay Area.

Distill provides Interaction Design, Branding, Service Design and Innovation Counsultancy services to a diverse range of clients, from young startups to large corporations.

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